A honeymoon should provide an experience like no other. Those days are one of the most important ones for any couple, and they should be planned to perfection. The decision on the honeymoon destination is not an easy as a simple mistake could determine a couple’s love life for good. So, how exactly do you arrive at a place to spend time with your soul mate? Allowing a traveling agency such as https://www.opodo-travel-guide.com in your plans is the best thing to do. What should you look for? To answer these questions we’ve compiled a list of places considering all factors that couple would love below;


Any couple would be thrilled to spend time in Seychelles if you are looking for a memorable honeymoon in Seychelles you should try going to Curieuse Island which hosts a spectacular turtle sanctuary that attracts people from all over the world. Feeding the giant turtles is an activity that every couple would be thrilled to engage in. The turtles are however not the only creatures thanks to the presence of many birds and other indigenous animals in the area. It is a beautiful place for a nature trail with your soul mate. At Seychelles, you can also take a trip to Morne Seychelloise National Park with the help of Opodo and spend the day hiking through the park as you move up the Morne Blanc to get an incredible view from above.

The Maldives

The Maldives is one of the best couple destinations for a honeymoon in the world. Whether you are a fun of diving or not the Maldives provide an unmatchable experience for couples. The gazillion coral reefs and crystal-clear azure waters guarantee any couple with the best moments a couple can ask for. It is romance at its best. While at the Maldives you can go to water villa resorts and make the most of your time with your lover.


Hawaii is indisputable when it comes to romantic couple honeymoons. From white sand beaches to unique waterfalls what else can be more attractive?  Lanikai beach is known for its unbelievable sunrise which provides a view like no other for any couple to have an intimate moment. Another destination for a couple is the Nakelele Blowhole. The romantic element is not the blowhole but the heart-shaped hole in the middle of rocks. It provides a fantastic view for any couple.

Mauritius Island

Many people travel to Mauritius for their honeymoon but ever wondered why? This island is quite beautiful with so many fun activities for a couple to engage in. The underwater sea walk in the grand bay is one of the remarkable couple activities in Mauritius. You get a tour on the floor of Indian Ocean. It is an adventure that fits the adult description.

French Polynesia

Wondering where to go on for a honeymoon? Then it’s worth noting that French Polynesia is one of the best destinations to keep your love blossoming thanks to places like Mount Otemanu. Here you can walk all the way to the top slowly while embracing each other’s company. You can also stroll along the white beaches as you enjoy the peaceful ocean view.

A honeymoon should be an experience that never fades away, and the only way to guarantee that is by choosing your destination carefully. You may be spoilt of choice but first, consider the things that you love doing before making up your mind. Make your honeymoon fantastic and grow your romance to a whole new level. Do not let the trip overwhelm you. Instead, let traveling experts like Opodo handle the stress for you as you enjoy the magical moments with your soulmate.