Crates and carriers are extremely handy for pet owners, who like to travel with their pets frequently.  There are a wide number of choices, and you will always find something in your budget. Is the crate enough? Well, to many dogs and cats, crates are like a punishment, because they feel confined inside, when they can play out in the sun. In this post, we will talk about a few things about pet carriers, and the accessories you need to buy along with it.

Which is the best pet carrier?

There’s no singular choice, but you can use Pawfect Pet-Pet Carrier, which has a good name in the market. Basically, there are two kinds of crates – plastic and wire. For airline and train travel, you will need a plastic or mesh carrier, which is designed in sync with the rules and regulations. You can find these norms on the website of most airlines. Also, it’s important that you choose a carrier that’s comfortable and well ventilated. The dog or cat should have enough space to move around.

Accessories for the crate

  • The first accessory you need is a bed. You can get one customized for the crate size or can buy a readymade bed – the choice is yours. There are some brands that make crate beds for different standard sizes. Do ensure that the product is washable and durable for long term use. Dogs love cushioned surfaces, and it is likely that he will never pee or poop in it.
  • If you are buying a wire dog crate for your home or personal travel, you need an extra cover for ensuring the privacy of your pet. Again, there are readymade options out there, but choose something that has enough breathing space. The material should be extremely comfortable for the pet.

  • Finally, you need a few toys and treats. Dogs and cats don’t like being confined, especially if they already have an active lifestyle. For longer travel, you will need to keep the dog busy, for which toys are handy. You can give a couple of hard rubber balls and a few chewy toys, which can last for hours. As for treats, you should be using them to train your dog as he starts using the crate. Every time he listens to you and gets in the crate, reward him with a good treat.

Check online now to find pet carriers and the accessories mentioned above.