The United States is vast and beautiful, which is why so many people take camping trips across the country. There are so many states to visit, landmarks to see, and several natural wonders to discover. Taking a camping trip might be fun but it also takes careful planning. People often have a tough time deciding whether to get tents to set up at each campground or rent RVs. There are benefits associated with both options and if you’re stuck doing research on the best way to enjoy your next camping trip, you should know about what each option has to offer.

Is Using a Tent Worth it?

There are several benefits associated with using a tent. There are lots of different kinds of tents so whether you’re with a big group of people or by yourself, there is a tent for you. Tents are also cost-effective and investing in a nice tent can really help make your camping experience feel authentic, rustic, and fun.

There are, however, several downsides when it comes to using a tent instead of something such as an RV. For instance, tents are great for summer weather but unless you buy a really nice tent, they’re poor insulators and don’t perform well during winter. In places such as Yosemite and other northern campgrounds, the weather can get below freezing in the winter. Using a tent in these conditions doesn’t make a lot of sense.

While tents are designed to be compact and portable, they can take up a lot of space in your car. And if you’re going camping for more than a day or two, you’re going to need the extra space in your car for food, luggage, and other necessities. Tents are also extremely difficult to set up in the dark so you had better get to your campground before nightfall if you’re planning on camping in a tent.

What about an RV?

Is it better to rent a small RV instead of using a tent? Well, it might be. With an RV, you are taking your lodging with you wherever you go. RVs come with plenty of extra space for luggage and food and some RVs even have refrigerators so you don’t have to worry about cramming all of your groceries into a cooler. RVs are easy to set up and most campgrounds accommodate RV usage with power and even Internet access.

During the winter, renting an RV is almost always a better option. Insulated more appropriately, you can handle rain and snow with ease while camping in an RV. RVs are easier to set up than tents are, especially in the dark. All you really need to do is chock the wheels and you’ll be ready to relax for the next few days.

For people who don’t camp all the time and don’t want to invest in a nice tent, renting an RV makes more sense. It’s cost-effective and it’s a great way to camp more comfortably while still getting enough exposure to nature. While tents are great sometimes, renting an RV makes more sense in a lot of ways.